Welcome to prosperity. We’ve been expecting you.

Your nonprofit will prosper with LB Goodman & Co’s certified public accountants. Years of in-depth experience with nonprofits have helped us develop best practices for this industry.

From helping you set up your nonprofit organization, creating a comprehensive accounting system or implementing financial accountabilities, we are the expert resource at your side. We not only provide accounting services, but we also offer training to support your accounting personnel.

Sustain growth and better achieve your mission by:

  • Preventing cash leaks
  • Controlling expenses and overhead
  • Improving internal controls
  • Increasing financial transparency
  • Elevating overall profitability

We will streamline the financial aspects of your organization to maximize efficiency and productivity—and your financial profitability will be greater than they ever have been.

We will provide you with:

  • Planning, forecasting and evaluating to see what sources of income are generating positive cash flow and which are the most lucrative
  • Critical benchmarks to aid in controlling expenditures and maintaining your organization’s position for growth
  • IRS reporting and compliance to retain tax-exempt status

Plus, we can provide training on non-profit financial statement usage and effective budgeting practices for your board. All the nonprofit finance expertise you’ll ever need is all here at LB Goodman & Co.

What our clients say about LB Goodman:

When I think of LB Goodman & Co, I think of more than accounting services. I think of family. My father who was a fair, honorable and smart business man only dealt with like-minded people. He was a trusted client of the firm and so for me, there was never a question of who my accountants would be. I've never been disappointed.

—Robert Leshno
I've had the pleasure of working with LB Goodman & Co. for many years. They always have our best interests at heart. Their customer service, knowledge/expertise, and patience have saved us in many ways. Accounting and taxes are not my strength, and I'd be in a heap of trouble without LB Goodman & Co. I am grateful to this firm for all they've done for us over the years and continue to do! Thank you, LB Goodman & Co!

—Laura Collins Downing, Downing Enterprises, Inc.
The people at LB Goodman are not only an accountants, but honest, friendly professionals to whom l’ve looked for advice for years. Everyone in the office has made it their business not only to know me as a client, but to know things that can help me and advise me. I am so blessed to have all of you in my business and professional life.

—Marilyn Yamner
LB Goodman & Co.