New Jersey Cyber Alert Level

According to the NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell, the Cyber Alert Level for the State of New Jersey in May remains at “Guarded.”  This level is indicative of malicious, cyber activities involving hacking attempts, potential new viruses, and other cyber-criminal activity. The five alert levels consist of low, guarded, elevated, high, and severe and are based on an assessment of the severity of threats present in the state and the available system and network countermeasures to address such threats.

A common-sense approach and recommended cybersecurity best practices consist of email security measures, use of strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, use of reputable antivirus or anti-malware applications, and overall caution while using the Internet.

If you or your business have been affected by cybercriminal activity or need guidance and advice with cybersecurity matters, the advisors of LB Goodman & Co are here to help.

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