We manufacture great results.

Our proactive expert advisors guide you in improving efficiencies, leveraging production processes and streamlining operations.

Get decades of manufacturing industry experience and access to the most advantageous tax decisions.

We understand the financial metrics unique to your manufacturing business. Here are a few ways we help you sustain growth:

How we help you sustain growth:

  • Preventing cash leaks
  • Decreasing expenses and overhead
  • Increasing product line profitability
  • Tracking and improving process efficiency
  • Elevating overall profitability

We will streamline the financial aspects of your business to maximize effectiveness and productivity. Your financial outcomes can be greater than they have ever been.

We will provide you with:

  • Financial strategies you can implement to boost performance and to increase your bottom line
  • Planning, forecasting and evaluating to see where you are generating revenue and what revenue streams are the most lucrative
  • Critical benchmarks to aid in controlling expenditures and maintaining your business’s position for growth

Plus, we can help you identify areas of waste and keep your business profitable.

What’s more, you will appreciate our tax and regulatory compliance experience with companies having multi-state operations. We do more than just keep you abreast of tax filings. You benefit from the relationships we’ve developed over time with multiple state authorities—it saves you time and ensures a more positive experience overall.

To find out how we can assist you with your specific business goals, call us at 201-791-8300 or email us.

What our clients say about LB Goodman:

“I would say a 30-year relationship with this firm speaks to the quality of their work!”

—Samuel Kline, President, Unique Lift Parts, Inc.
I have been an LB Goodman client for over thirty years. I have always received the best advice, and the staff treats you like you are their most important client! Highly recommend!

—Karen Schulhafer
I have been a customer of LB Goodman since 1974, and I was never disappointed with my service.

—Bob McCaffrey
LB Goodman & Co.