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Staff Accountant

Individuals at this level usually have a college degree with a major in accounting or other related business field and have from zero to three years’ experience. Staff accountants are expected to:

  • Demonstrate consistent proficiency in the previous staff level requirements within 6 months of hire.
  • Understand and abide by the rules, regulations, and code of conduct of the AICPA by attending the ethics CPE course.
  • Be able to communicate clearly, accurately, and timely with clients, coworkers, and supervisors, both verbally and through written expression.
  • Progress professionally by (1) working toward passing the CPA exam, (2) expanding your knowledge through self and group study, i.e. reading professional publications, webinars, and communications, and (3) becoming familiar with firm software. Attend CPE appropriate to your goals at this level and be able to report back to staff about what was learned.
  • Know and understand the types of services offered by the firm and be prepared to discuss them and their relevance to the client’s income and/or quality of life.
  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of the businesses of your assigned clients and accurately document that understanding in the file.
  • Develop skills necessary to identify opportunities to deliver additional value to clients by the application of our knowledge and services to identify and address client problems and bottlenecks while working with more senior staff and directors.
  • Provide guidance to interns and paraprofessionals and take responsibility for their work performed under your supervision.
  • Satisfy the range of target hours and net revenue rate.

Staff accountants will have the opportunity to work on a variety of clients and perform many different types of work on those clients. At any time when a staff accountant feels like they would like to concentrate in either the audit/attest department or the tax/small business department, they should let a manager and/or director know so that their work assignments can reflect their choice. Additional expectations for staff accountants in their chosen concentration are as follows:

  • When assigned to audit/attest financial statement engagements:
    • Become familiar with (through CPE and research) and accurately apply the pronouncements of the FASB, AICPA, and, when assigned to governmental engagements, the GAO and GASB.
    • Become proficient at preparing compiled financial statements and their relevance to client businesses, income, and quality of life. Understand your role and the results sought as staff assigned to audits and reviews.
    • Assume responsibility for your work as part of audit or review engagements under the supervision of more experienced staff.
  • When assigned to tax/small business engagements:
    • Become knowledgeable, conversant, and able to apply pertinent IRC sections and regulations to your work through CPE and research.
    • Develop a working knowledge of research techniques and the various research sources in the firm library (electronic and paper).
    • Learn and demonstrate consistent proficiency in the preparation of corporate, individual, partnership, fiduciary, and other tax returns prepared by the firm.
    • Assume responsibility for the accurate and timely completion of tax returns under the supervision of more experienced staff.

In order to move to the next level, an individual must understand and consistently demonstrate proficiency in the following, depending on their chosen concentration:


Supervise the audit engagement letter and confirmation process

Properly coordinate and execute the pre- fieldwork and fieldwork appointment checklists with the audit clients

Become familiar with the accounting and auditing software for general files and audit procedures (including Smart Tools, Checkpoint, etc.)

Master the audit procedures for expense testing, specifically Repairs and Maintenance, Professional Fees, and Payroll

Learn to draft financial statements in the Engagement software

Work independently

Be able to navigate the Engagement software

Master the depreciation software and prepare the various schedules accurately

Be able to make accurate journal entries with supervisor approval


Accurately and efficiently prepare individual and business tax returns at or under budget for the following:
a. 10 S Corporation returns
b. 10 Partnership returns
c. 10 Schedule C returns
d. 3 C Corporation returns
e. 50 Individual returns

Accurately prepare loan amortization schedules and record the loan(s) on the books for at least 20 loans

Have the ability to identify and address errors on tax forms, including handling the correspondence appropriately

Learn, understand, and become conversant in dental practice metrics by collecting data and preparing appropriate reports

Become familiar with the tax research and planning tools

Work independently

Be able to navigate the Engagement software

Master the depreciation software and prepare the various schedules accurately

Be able to make accurate journal entries with supervisor approval

To apply, please email, include Staff Accountant in the subject line, and attach your resume.

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