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Upcoming Speaking Events

Hot Topics in Accounting: Leasing, 401ks and the ERC

Monday, December 6 from 11am to noon EST

Important topics include knowing your deadlines to implement the new lease accounting standard and remain compliant with U.S. GAAP; how the new Lease Accounting Standard ASC 842 impacts your financial position; understanding the impacts on investors and analysts for the new lease accounting standard; knowing the basics on how to calculate the new accounting lease standard; critical information on 401k’s and how the ERC affects you.

Presenters: Lazaro Hernandez and Sean Breheney, CPA, MBA

David Goodman’s Seminar on
Practice Prosperity: Money, Metrics and Mistakes

Monday, November 29 2 pm to 5 pm

This fun and interactive presentation at the GNYDM will provide a unique perspective from a Dental CPA. From tax savings ideas and KPIs for you and your practice to the most crucial financial mistakes you want to avoid, Dental CPA David Goodman will dive into the numbers  of practice management. Other critical information includes practice recovery post-Covid and understanding how well you stack up against your peers. Get on the road to prosperity with David’s high-level financial insights about the dental industry.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Sean Breheney Joins a Panel Discussion on
Dental Practice Acquisitions vs. Start-ups: Confidently Prepare for Practice Ownership

Monday, November 29 from 9am to noon EST

Brett Mansfield

Director, Citibank

Sean Breheney
Principal, LB Goodman & Co

Eric Ploumis
Of Counsel, Rivkin Radler LLP

Join in on this informative panel discussion sponsored by Citibank. Sean will share his knowledge on what to look for from the buyer’s perspective, weighing the pros and cons, plus the pitfalls you could encounter by starting from scratch! Gain insight on who you can trust, the top fears you must overcome, what options are available to you and how you can grow your practice. Course number 4180 at the GNYDM.

Sponsored by Citi

On-Demand Webinars

NYCDS Panel Discussion about DSOs:
Facts Not Fiction

Joseph McManus, DMD, MS, MHA, MBA, MS, FACD

Senior Associate Dean of Admissions
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine
Associate Professor of Dental Medicine at CUIMC
Section of Growth and Development
Division of Pediatric Dentistry

Bill Barrett, Esq.

CEO, Mandelbaum Salsburg, P.C.

Mark Epstein
Epstein Practice Brokerage

David Goodman, CPA, MST
Managing Partner
L.B. Goodman & Co.

Chelsea Fosse DMD, MPH
Sr. Health Policy Analyst
ADA Health Policy Institute

Preparing Your Dental Practice for Sale

This highly popular program – updated for today’s market – offers valuable insights into the sales process from evaluation to close from three skilled professionals.

Mark Epstein, Epstein Practice Brokerage, LLC
David Goodman, CPA, MST
Mitchell Brill, JD, MSFS, CFP, CAP

Provider Relief Fund: How to Keep the Money

Presenters: David J. Goodman, CPA, MST
Sean P. Breheney, CPA, MBA

Watch David and Sean in this engaging 30-minute webinar to hear the most up-to-date and accurate information on how to be prepared for PRF changes, including guidance on PRF filing requirements. Listen to participants’ most pressing questions get answered! Note: Audio starts at 1:50.


Please click the button for the latest, most up-to-date information on the CAA. This is in addition to our last webinar, “The CAA: What’s In It For Me?” The full-length webinar is available below.

Preparing Your Dental Practice for Sale

Presenters: David J. Goodman, CPA, MST
Mark Epstein, Epstein Practice Brokerage, LLC
Mitchell Brill, JD, MSFS, CFP, CAP

Now, more than ever, it is important to be prepared and informed about selling your practice. This webinar is a “must” for anyone considering selling now or in the immediate future.

Hear valuable insights into the sales process from evaluation to close from three skilled professionals. Find out how to plan for the sale of your practice, the effects of Covid-19 on your practice, how to maximize your practice’s value and how to have a tax-efficient sale. Learn how to protect your assets and to have the best opportunity to “cash flow” the rest of your life.

The CAA: What’s In It For Me?

Get the latest on the new CAA, PPP loans, EIDL grants and more!

Presenters: David J. Goodman, CPA, MST
Sean P. Breheney, CPA, MBA

David and Sean discuss the effects of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020. Learn about all the changes that could impact you as a result of the passage of the CAA. Find out the latest tax savings ideas, as well as what you need to simplify the process. Topics include PPP loans, EIDL grants, forgiveness loans under $150,000, PPP2 loans, the latest on extended tax provisions and more!

Data Breaches: How to Protect Your Business

Presenters: David J. Goodman, CPA, MST
Bob Schiff, Founder & CEO, Cyberlitica
Richard Freiberg, CPA, Director of Business Development, Cyberlitica

Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing threat to small businesses, costing about $2M per breach. 60% of small businesses go under within six months of a cyber-attack. Don’t let your business be one of them. Find out what sensitive data is already on the Dark Web and how to assess your cyber-attack threat level. Plus, get vital information on how to defend your business against these cybersecurity nightmares and how to keep others from unknowingly creating a data breach.

Dentists Don’t Get Left Out

Presenters: David J. Goodman, CPA, MST
Sean P. Breheney, CPA, MBA
Joaquin Espinal, CMPE, PNC Bank

Get the latest, most critical information on PPP loan forgiveness and the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) in this webinar. Find out what the new requirements are for PPP forgiveness, plus when to apply. Understand how a bank will process PPP loan applications and what you can do to make the process faster and easier. Learn about the PRF (Provider Relief Fund) reporting process and what expenses qualify. Plus, hear the most common questions asked by dental practitioners and how important questions were answered in the live Q&A session.

About this video: We know technical difficulties can happen occasionally. Please note to fast forward through minutes 41:02 to 42:28 for optimum viewing.

The New York County Dental Society presents:
The Top 10 Financial Mistakes Young Dentists Make

Featuring David J. Goodman, LB Goodman & Co.

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NJDA Annual Meeting, March 4, 2021

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Princeton Center for Dental Excellence, February 2020

PPP vs. EIDL: Forgiveness or Forget It
New York County Dental Society, June 2020

Update on the CARES Act Provider Relief Funds
PNC Specialty Bankers, July 2020

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Thriving Dentist Podcast, March 24, 2021

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Thriving Dentist Podcast, February 24, 2021

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