Just like you, we care.

Like you with your patients, your CPA must inspire confidence and trust—and be a financial advisor who does more than just “keep the books.”Understanding the financial metrics of your practice is how we empower you to make better, more informed decisions. We know how to help you reap success, and we share that reliable knowledge with you. For example, our annual publication, Dental Practices by the Numbers, is available to all. This resource is full of beneficial statistics and charts regarding the state of the dental industry.

As a recognized thought leader in dental CPA practices, David Goodman’s articles appear in a variety of publications, including Dental Economics. LB Goodman is also one of the original member firms of the ADCPA, joining in 2001. Be sure to catch one of David’s insightful and entertaining talks at a New York Metro Area ADCPA event.

We will help you:

  • Create benchmarks and metrics for practice growth and efficiency
  • Increase overall profitability
  • Build multi-office and multi-owner structures
  • Analyze fees to enhance revenue
  • Identify cash leaks and maximize cash flow
  • Track and improve employee efficiency
  • Generate tax savings
  • Obtain working capital

We will provide you with:

  • Practice transition services and associate onboarding
  • Employee incentive plans
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Practice evaluations
  • Key performance indicator analysis

Plus, we can help you pinpoint waste and keep your business profitable.

To find out how we can assist you with your specific practice goals, call us at 201-791-8300 or email us.

Download our free “Dental Practices by the Numbers”.

Dental Practice Analysis

  • Is your dental office running efficiently?
  • Are you working harder but making less money?
  • Do you have cash in the bank?
  • Are you having trouble getting loans for new equipment?
  • Are you spending less and less time with your family


You need a Dental Practice Analysis to:

  • Identify your dental practice’s cash leaks
  • Analyze your fees per ADA CDT codes to enhance revenue
  • Identify if services being performed are being billed
  • Decrease expenses and overhead
  • Track and improve employee efficiency
  • Improve overall profitability

What our clients say about LB Goodman:

“I have used LB Goodman for about 6 years now, and I can honestly say they are like no other accountants you have ever met. Not only did they help me with my tax situation, but they showed me how to run reports in order to examine accounts and production, how to handle employee labor issues and how to market my practice in order to attract new patients. LB Goodman helped me create solutions so I could meet and exceed my financial goals. My only regret is that I did not know of them earlier in my career.”

—Dr. Joseph M. DalBon, DMD, FAGD
“My LB Goodman CPA is on top of the ever-changing myriad of tax law, always keeping my tax bill to the minimum required by law. He also provides sound advice with respect to the management of my private dental practice, where he is quite knowledgeable…the services are quite efficient, with my phone calls and email inquiries attended to professionally. I would never hesitate to recommend.”

—Edward Lipke, DDS
“I believe that it’s important to work with professionals that understand our unique business. Lawrence B. Goodman and Co. is a full-service firm that is positioned to best help dentists understand and maximize their business to achieve their financial goals.”

—Dr. Joel Singer, DMD
David Goodman is amazing! He directly introduced me to a selling doc and also personally took care of me regarding the diligence. He took time to explain the financial nuances of the practice in terms I could understand and used the data to craft a strategy to improve the practice, from the hygiene department to profitability. David and the team are very thorough. We looked at many practices, and they kept us disciplined in terms of valuation to ensure we did not overpay. He loves what he does the way I love dentistry. Thank you!

—Dr. Mallika Murali, DDS
LB Goodman & Co.