CPA Firms Team Up for Baton Rouge Volunteer Effort

On January 9, 2017, David J. Goodman, CPA, answered the call for volunteerism – a call he’s taken before. This call took him to Baton Rouge, LA to work on an elderly couple’s home that was damaged by the flooding in August.

“I bring volunteers with me.” Goodman said. “This trip we were a group of 18, including 6 teens. We were helping to rebuild the home of an elderly couple.”

Before Goodman’s team took the journey, he reached out to a new, Baton Rouge, ADCPA member firm, Apple Guerin Company LLC, and partner Todd Guerin to let him know they’d be in town and what their mission was.

“They stopped at our work site and brought lunch for all the volunteers! It was very generous of them.” Goodman mentioned.

This is not the first volunteer effort led by Mr. Goodman. In fact, he’s been responding as a volunteer to natural disasters in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina. He works closely with SBPUSA, a non-profit organization that helps “eliminate unnecessary suffering by helping those affected by disasters to rebuild and recover.”

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