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3 Signs of a Miserable Dentist

Well known consultant and author Patrick Lencioni, wrote a book titled “Three Signs of a Miserable Job”. The book identifies three characteristics that, when missing from an organization, create a lack of motivation and pride by employees. According to Lencioni, companies…

4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Overhead is Out of Control

A recent survey of dental practice revenue and overhead appeared in the August 2015 issue of Dental Economics. The survey reported that on average dental practice overhead for 2014 was almost 75% of revenue and specialty practices were only slightly less.…

What I Learned from the ADA Meeting in Washington, DC

I just returned from the ADA meeting in Washington, DC where I had the opportunity to participate on a panel discussing the steps to find, design and build a dental practice. The members of the panel were a comprehensive group…

Gardening Your Dental Team

Growing and caring for a vegetable garden is a team effort. A successful garden incorporates the care and maintenance by the gardener. Mother Nature has to do her part by providing rain, sunshine, soil chemistry, and pollinators. The perfect combination…

New Jersey Dentists: Time to hire your kids in 2020

The New Year is here and the payroll deductions reset. This is great time to hire your kids. I recommend hiring your kids for tax savings purposes along with other benefits. The work your child provides should be age appropriate…

Piloting the Financial Success of Your Practice

I recently spoke at a seminar for new dental practice owners and those seeking to own or buy into a practice. I was surprised to find out that many of the dentists in attendance who were aspiring to achieve a…

Dental PMM 3: Hygiene Profitability

This installment is about how hygienists can generate profit for your practice.

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Safe Harbor Bill Resources

Important updates from the PCI HIPAA on the Safe Harbor Bill that passed in January.

Dental PMM 2: Working Backwards

Here, David discusses what you need to do to make your income goals for the year.

Dental PMM 1: Working Smarter, Not Harder

With COVID-19, there have been significant changes to dental practices. Listen to David’s tips on how to cover additional costs.

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