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Protect your business from deceptive or meaningless financial practices with LB Goodman’s <Protection Services>—<Attest and Assurance>. These vital services give you the clearest financial picture of your business.

Stockholders, creditors, and private investors often need assurance that financial statements accurately represent the true fiscal position of a company. Different levels of risk tolerance exist, so we provide <three levels> of assurance to meet your needs. These include audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements.

Knowledge is only valuable when it’s applied.

Every audit client receives an in-depth analysis of its financial records, as well as insights on its strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, you will receive Directions to Prosperity, which are recommendations to improve the overall company.

The Process

No two companies are the same, which is why you will appreciate an audit plan tailored specifically for you. Understanding the fine details of your company and finding out what your goals are for the audit assures the highest level of efficacy.

We begin all relationships by having a conversation with you to find out what your goals are. We work closely with you to obtain information relevant to the audit. During the audit, we look for ways to improve company performance and to increase efficiency. Finally, we provide recommendations on how to strengthen internal controls and give best practices for your company to follow in the future.

LB Goodman utilizes both frameworks of financial reporting to serve you best: IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Contact us to discuss your financial reporting needs and to gain confidence that your financial statements accurately represent your business results and financial position.


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